Thursday, May 23, 2019

Learn Economics Topic Eleven

11. Liquidation by the Fed,  Obsessed with Pruning Wages!

Trump Economic Plan Revealed: What Should the Fed Do?

Historically, the Fed did not act to lower rates fast enough. As Trump's tariff plan matures and does damage, the Fed may wish to be cautious. The article above explains why. This becomes the exception to my criticism of the Fed for not letting wages catch up to GDP prosperity.

Fed Great Depression and Great Recession Liquidations Go Unexplained

The Fed has a secret policy over the decades and centuries. We just want be told why and how this policy is good for America, when it appears the liquidations were very bad for America.

Central Banker Procyclical Craziness

One wonders if the central banks will have the will to actually stop their procyclical behavior, or will we just be fooled again. It is time to help with a monetary infusion in the very next downturn.

Kashkari Reveals Dark Secret Fed Plan for Wages

The dark secret of the Fed which reveals the inner working of the Fed, and its motives, can be seen through the charts. Also, a study made by Matthew Yglesias and a comment on disposable income reveal a disturbing result of Fed policy.

Ron Feldman's Fed Secret and Treasury Bond Behavior

Bank bonds, especially TBTF bank bonds are safe and risk free, because the Fed will protect them as a matter of policy. So says Ron Feldman of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank.

Fed's Andolfatto, Powell, and the Secret Goal of the Fed

What is the real goal of the Fed? It may surprise many, but creating a foolproof system for insiders is key to understanding its experimental behavior.

Is the Fed Wrong in Caring About Wages, Not Inflation?

The GDP appears to be slowing. Charts show this is consistent with the sentiment in the business world.

Attacking the Everything Bubble without Destroying the Economy

Now the Fed is in the process of popping the bubbles all at once. Dire consequences for workers will follow. It could be deflationary in the way that Mish Shedlock rightly abhors. We are facing long term secular deflation, and new ideas are needed.


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Perverse sovereignty is as bad or even worse than excesses in globalization which gives banks power over governments. Both are ultimately bad for America. This blogger supports free trade and opposes a border tax. But government should be stronger in order to rein in big banks who abuse the people with toxic loans.

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