Sunday, May 19, 2019

Learn Economics Topic Ten

10. Edward Lambert Effective Demand Limit (meaning growth is limited by labor share of GDP):

Economist Edward Lambert

Siphoning off capital takes place as interest rates generally decline, and it is a dangerous game

Edward Lambert on Bond Demand, the Coming Recession and the New Normal

Dr. Edward Lambert has come up with an equation to measure effective demand and predict recessions. His calculations indicate we are on the path to recession already.

Dr. Lambert's Effective Demand Recession Indicator

There is much that serious students of economics will find useful as they continue to study Edward Lambert's effective demand breakthroughs. Predicting recessions can be a complex endeavor.

Trump Shock; Selgin: Coppola and Lambert

We have the potential Trump Shock. And this Trump shock will be laid on top of that capacity utilization decline. And the decline has always led to recession from the '70s onward, according to the chart.

Edward Lambert's Recession Equation Warning

Edward Lambert has important mathmatical contributions to make in the battle of ideas between Tim Duy and Daniel Tarullo versus Janet Yellen and John Williams.

Is USA Low Capacity Utilization Low Enough to Prevent Recession?

Low capacity utilization and weak labor are with us in full force. Capacity utilization still runs below the fifty year average of 80.31 percent in the United State. We may be at the point where our low capacity utilization may not be low enough.

For All You Inflation Fearmongers, Dr Lambert Has an Answer

Fear of inflation and hyperinflation finds its way into many articles about economics. But for those confused by those who are predicting that inflation is just around the corner, Dr. Edward Lambert has a rational and data driven response.

Capitalism: Problem, Solution or Both? 

There are problems with government and capitalist responses to the challenges faced by the economy. It isn't a problem of fairness, as Fox News would lead you to believe. It is about real demand and the health of the economy.

***Dr. Edward Lambert's system shows when labor is financially weak, due to lack of labor participation in total GDP earnings. The recession predictions are based upon this equation. Dr Lambert's articles are noteworthy and show a general weakness and decline of labor prosperity over the years, which has weakened the very fiber of the United States society. Recessions are not the only evidence of this weakness. So too is the weakness in retail sales and housing starts, which are far lower than before the Great Recession.


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