Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Learn Economics Topic Thirteen

13. Attacks on Millennials:

Desperate Banker Attacks on Millennials via Media are Ramping Up

With a little humor, I try to point out the media machine attack on millennials. There could be a big financial pot of gold at stake for banks in the shaming of millennials.

Fox Business News Tobak Continues Media Blitz Against Millennials

The cost of living and diminished wages, as the Fed destroys the stickiness of wages, have put millennials in survival mode.

Millennials Need to Wake Up About Derivatives and the Cashless Society

Not trying to attack millennials here, but admonishing them about the need for cash. Millennials must understand all the implications of a cashless society. Once they understand the negative implications, they will see that treacherous results can come with the elimination of cash in society.


Articles are exclusive to Talkmarkets if they are published on the site before being published elsewhere for 48 hours. Most of my articles on Talkmarkets are written to be considered "evergreen", or intended to be fresh articles even as time passes. Most subjects I have written about have proven to lend themselves to considerable lasting effect.

While I have supported some economic policy, it turns out that racism was a strong motivator for some of those policies. I oppose racism in all forms and prove my commitment by rejecting anything other than the Westphalia or Westfalia view of sovereignty, which is mutual respect for all nations by all other nations. 

Perverse sovereignty is as bad or even worse than excesses in globalization which gives banks power over governments. Both are ultimately bad for America. This blogger supports free trade and opposes a border tax. But government should be stronger in order to rein in big banks who abuse the people with toxic loans.

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