Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Learn Economics Topic Twenty One

21.  Negative Interest Rates

Negative Rates, Climate Science, and a Fed Warning

Even if climate science does not prevail with its economic aspirations, the world faces increasing challenges to growth and normalization of interest rates.

BIS Explains Repo but There Is More With the Banks

Obviously, Trump woke up a sleeping giant with the banks. He is still calling for lower rates from the Fed, which actually has a responsibility to keep the banks solvent, squeezing the Fed.

Negative Interest Rates and Why Banks Want Fannie and Freddie

As of now, the market monetarist wish for the US Fed, to charge interest on excess reserves, rather than pay it out, would likely not push interest rates in the interbank lending market up as hoped.

Summers and Roubini Talk Negative Interest Rates, Sound Logic But Uncharted Waters

Negative interest rates may be the only way to help the economy in the next downturn. And negative interest rates make treasury bonds look ugly to retired guys but pretty to Wall Street as collateral for derivatives deals. Economists are madmen..

MM Boys and Tight Money. Market Monetarist Terms Listed for You

A list of terms relating to Market Monetarist positions is provided here. What is it they want the Fed to do? It is certainly more than what is being done now. And it is controversial.

Clearing Up Negative Interest Rate Confusion. Kocherlakota Weighs In

Confusion exists in many articles about negative interest rates. I try to simplify and clear up the differences in the application of rates based on different economists' views.


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