List of Topics in Economics

Here is my list of topics in economics. I hope you find them interesting. Links are provided to each topic as info is posted to the blog. I found causes for the housing bubble and Great Recession. I found the Federal Reserve Bank's obsession with crushing wages. There are many economists who have also showed me other insights into the workings of our financial system and how it impacts the world.

1. China!
2. Housing and the AI Bubble Causes
3. Great Recession Causes
4. Tracking a Potential New Housing Bubble (&GSE's)
5. History of Hoarding the New Gold. (Treasury Bonds)
6. New Normal and Economic Theory
7. Helicopter Money
8. Taper Tantrums
9. Will Rogers
10. Edward Lambert Effective Demand Limit
11. Liquidation by the Fed and Obsession with Pruning Wages!
12. Government Shocks and Interventions
13. Attacks on Millennials
14. Trump and Rural America
15. Sovereignty and Cashlessness
16. Reserve Currency and Triffin Paradox
17. Eurodollars, Repos, and Jeffrey P. Snider
18. Brexit (Economic Benefits)
19. Self Driving Cars
20. Bond Demand
21. Negative Interest Rates
22. Japan and Perpetual Bonds
23. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)
24 Economic Alchemy (Turning Lead Into Gold)
25. Interest on Bank Excess Reserves
26. Macroeconomics
27. Inflation, Reflation, CPI and PCE
28. Leading Indicators, Recession and the Federal Reserve
29. Wall Street and the Fed
30. Business Cycle

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